Before we begin, we have an important public service announcement:

Where you are is perfect 

… and, you simply CANNOT assume otherwise. Like, literally cannot. At a physics level you do not have the extra bandwidth to judge yourself as wrong and be who you really are at the same time.   So, for just hot minute, just assume that your twistily delicious human path to here has been STUNNINGLY PERFECT for the life you intended, for the character development necessary to unleash the mission in your heart, for the quality and depth of your Essential Joy. 

With me? You don’t need to try to think this forever, just engage it as a thot experiment: I’m good, just as I Am. Nothing needing doing, nothing should be better. Where I am is perfect cuz now is all there is. And my vibration determines my life. So, I am here and here includes this.

And since you cannot engage wholeheartedly with anything if you are dividing your energy via self judgement, because you’ll just get that static, blurry, crazy almost nonexistent feeling, let’s help you relocate to somewhere easier to be unsplit about.

Ready? In your mind’s eye, imagine you’re standing on a clear patch of very soft and wondrous to your bare feet grass. There are no houses in view, maybe you’re near mountains or meadows or a lake. Wherever it is, it feels marvelous to be there. Your habit mind wants to pull your past to you or the future you were going towards, and it can’t. There’s just this breeze, these soft linen clothes, this feeling of total ease, and self acceptance. You are gleeful to be here with yourself. You feel as tho you have been coming here a long while. 

Now, place your hands on your heart and breathe in the ease, deep into your heart. Enjoy a few breaths here. 

Now breathe in the self acceptance. Right into the heart. You’re setting the tone of your Entire system to that calm clear yesness. 

If, after tuning to that clear place of your unfettered self, you wish to keep reading, come along.  If not, know that I appreciate your spark. May it ignite true fires in your existence wherever you go. 

Still reading? hai. I’m glad you’re here! 

I’m glad I’m here! I’m glad Hannah is here! We love being present, playing deeply with others and staying clear enough to hear, make, love and allow all the good beautiful things. First, an intro. 

I’m a brimmer, always have been. As a child I could stop making, just turning raw fodder into form. A few years ago I began channeling in earnest, not an entity with a name, it’s more a crystaline conversation with the part of me that is Source energy. A chat with the god molecules within, maybe? Not sure how to talk about it so I mostly don’t except it’s been informing a whole new body of work, insights into the game of being a human with divine animation, and how that merge forms our Essential Self,  So now my brimming is full of those inspirations pouring through the little grinny portal of me. The human portion of me is deeply nourished by my work as a helper, mother, grandmother and all around creator. The more I listen at that deep level, the more I know what to do and how to do it so most of dramas and urgencies of my life fell away as my outer life began to reflect the inner alignment with that Deep Full Listening with Source. 

That created a very calm space and out of that I began to long for playmates, people who were both ready and available to frolic in the high up frequencies and to help and do good world bettering shit together.  Nearly everywhere I looked people had forgotten their Source connection and all the wisdom that flows from that connection so they were mostly acting like former wizards who had forgotten magic, their own and the world’s. By magic, I mean vibration and how we exist in a universe we are thinking into being. I looked more deeply and saw beautiful projects and dreams fall to chaos because the creators involved didn’t understand the power of their joy in relationship to the magic of life. And the brimming helper part of me wanted the quiet joy of really helping. As I let the seeds of those desires to enjoy helping push their heads above the soil,  the Joy Without Borders project bloomed all the fork way up, like a fast growing tree whose TIME HAD COME DUE. 


The Joy Without Borders is a consortium of projects, innovators and joy centric deliberate creators who are bringing joy consciousness to their communities, families and the larger world. We help projects and teams discover their vibrational essence, strengthen in and thrive in their Essential Joy stance. The projects are free flowing and arise out of the current funnest, most alive and sparkling awareness of now.  Right now there’s a podcast, a course, a club.

Who knows what comes next? But part of it comes through you, if you’re reading this, that’s how this whole magical thing works.  

Hi, I’m Natalie Marie Kinsey. My oldest daughter found herself struggling to describe me to others and finally decided to tell people I am a lava dinosaur. She’s not wrong.

Hi, I’m Hannah Lee Hoffman, a weaver of, well, everything, especially dreams, alignments, and strings, too. I’m a mother and lead champion of people’s individual joy.