We all deserve to want what we want, to believe in the goodness of our essential urges, to know how to tend those sparks, and to fan those flames into incredible, perfect-for-us experiences.

Yet, most of us haven’t really been taught the skills needed to follow our hearts. Or, maybe we have some of the skills and we could use some help really practicing them.

This course is one part preschool of Hogwarts, one part heart-stimulating discussion forum, one part tuning into your particular lens of joy, and a million parts ideas for and prompts to inspire shining that particular flavor of joy that you are. Hallelujah!

In Good Morning, Creator, we let our hearts lead an adventure into our internal landscapes. We practice listening, getting to know and be with our own inner soil. We practice irrigation of our thoughts, we cast seeds of spells into the dirt, and tend to the growing, the filling in, enjoying and sharing the fruit.

Week One~The First Seed is the Soil

~Developing our emotional awareness~

Merged Perspective

The Emotional Guidance System

“negative” v. “positive” emotions

Feeling Your Feelings

Joy Calendar


In chapter one, you are welcomed into your own imagination garden (the internal landscape where your actions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, expectations, and habits are all already in dialogue, creating whatever reality externally that you are tending to internally)

And your feelings are the soil. They are the ground…ready to either nourish what we want, or to become distracted/scattered, or they can actively create what we don’t want. This is where our power begins. This is where we see if our lens is clear or not. 

Week Two~Where the Water Goes

~Nourishing what we want with our thoughts~

Nuances of the Law of Attraction


Growing Expectations

Making it Rain

The water in our imagination garden is our attention. Forming an expectation is like laying the drip-line, or digging a canal. This week, we practice examining and growing our expectations. And, we practice taking the rainstorm of a grumpy mood into purposefully nourishing, feeding, watering, and growing the reality we desire (focus wheel technique).

Week Three~Reaching for the Light

~Making oneself available to be lifted~

Nurturing joy

Play elevators

Gratitude games

Inner guidance

The natural tendency of things is well-being and dreams coming true, and pretty much all we have to do is make ourselves available to be lifted into vibrational range of experiencing that way of being. Yet, each of us gets lifted in our own way, by things particular to us. This chapter helps us make sure we’ve got our lift-kit stocked, that we know what will help us rise when we need it. 

Week Four~Branching

~Our power to create~

The Imaginal Realm


Chapter four is the crux of Emotional Design, which we are capable of once we have gotten ourselves into a positive-feeling state. From here, we can create realities by entering into the Imaginal Realm. 

The imaginal realm is kindred to the process of branches growing on a plant. Expansion. Now that you have located yourself in your garden, tended the waterways, and let in the light, let’s explore which ways you want to grow! And again, we start in the soil of our feelings, we water it with positive attention and we keep reaching toward the light.

Week Five~Filling in with Leaves

~Embodying the Imaginal~

Varied approaches to embodying emotional design

In Week Five, we take the imaginal realm power from week four, the emotional design, and we build upon it. We find ways to nourish it, games to play that further it, habits to bring the tending of it into delicious and clarifying focus. Here, the emotional design takes hold and crosses over from the imaginal, felt realm, into lived experiences. It’s the bridge between the design and the manifestation.

Week Six~The Fruits

~Our impact on ourselves & others~

Structure/habits as bridges

Baskets/Pockets of Inevitability

Love Letters


Chapter Five wraps up the course with questions about and suggestions for, now that  you know you can create the reality you prefer, what steps can you take to cultivate that reality?  By the end of this chapter, the Emotional Designer’s toolkit will be buffed and polished and in full-swingin glory. 


Daily life becomes miraculous, collaborated-with, resourced, delicious, soul-sparkling, when you emotionally design it to be that way.


This course is for folks who have all these tools and wanna keep practicing, developing, and sharing them. It’s for folks who maybe have one or some of these tools. And, it’s for folks who are surprised these tools even exist.

We’re all gonna swing-fling each other into even more of our delicious dreams coming true.


What this will look like:

  • Six weekly bundles delivered to your e-mail address
    • Beginning Monday, March 8th, 2021 !!! 
  • Each week is its own chapter. The chapter bundles include:
    • a video lesson (20-30 min.) with transcript
    • hands-on practice prompts
    • audio recordings, of support material
    • PDFs of illustrations of concepts
  • A weekly hour-long Zoom show-and-tell of responses to the practice prompt (participate as you please), Sundays at 1 pm PST
  • Six weekly one-hour, one-on-one phone calls for integration / support with Hannah 
  • Forums for celebrations, discussion and support from seasoned Emotional Designers 
  • Participants will continue to have access to the course material and can participate in forums beyond the six-week course 

The Teacher:

My name is Hannah Lee Hoffman, and one of my favorite ways I’ve been described is “Creativity Midwife”. I have a knack for encouraging people to remember and embrace their innate, essential nature of being a Creator. I designed a life experience that led me to knowing, deeply, the power of our emotions and the inextricable role they play in our relationship with our intuition. From there, I’ve learned many ways to support and nourish the excitement we find when our intuition is clearly available to us. If someone doesn’t yet have this knowledge, it is life-changing. Still, like a friend said after learning a piece of the course,

Another friend described it as, “Hogwarts for wizards who were raised by muggles”. We all have these innate powers that so many people don’t know how to access. And for those of us who already embrace ourselves as Creators, it’s so fun to join together and celebrate and practice the magic of it together. I’m so excited for us to use this incredible power for the ever-blooming beauty of All. 


If the price feels inaccessible, yet you feel drawn to this material, reach out to us about one of our scholarships by clicking here.


May we each shine as brightly as we want, which will help our communities shine ever-brighter. May we embrace our ever-reaching-growing-becoming-more-ness.

Good morning, Creator.



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