We believe that joy isn’t arbitrary or vacational. It’s essential and vibrational and best served shaken and stirred.

We believe that playfulness can bolster, illuminate and liberate importantly.  We believe that playfulness must be wholehearted, and chosen.  We believe that a playful attitude will loosen and lighten up many a vibrational tangled and open unexpected portals to clarity and solutions you will not access from “trying to fix” or “I’m too broken” thinking. Playfulness can be like going “in through the out door.”

We believe that we are merged beings, glacial in nature, who have manifested into human form, deliberately, from Source energy and that as ten year old wisdom teacher Darcy Kinsey says, “the purpose of life is to have fun.”

We believe that it is worth taking a moment to reconnoiter with your Essential nature and to spend some time listening there. We believe it is fun to move your gazing house to that listening space. And sit there. And gaze and listen.

We believe that joy is everyone’s birthright, and is best understood and accessed through a vibrational framework.  We believe that joy should not have borders. We are here to erase the borders.