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    I’ve been gridding feeling whimsical in my clothing, and it was really fun to show up with face paint to my zoom sessions yesterday. I’m so excited to keep doing that!

    I also love looking for cool grids within unexpected situations. Like, watching an action movie and scanning it for grids of confidence.

    Elspeth Greene

    I love your suggestion of costumery, Hannah. I actually paused the video at that point and ransacked my hair accessories, feeling inspired to have fun and play with my appearance, which I haven’t been doing much lately since I’ve been spending a lot of time indoors at home.

    A few months ago I realized that I didn’t have many clothes that felt in line with my blueprint – I went online and found a beautiful handmade peasant skirt that I could wear in cold weather. I even wore it to play in the snow one day when I was feeling those romantic hippie earthy vibes. My big chunky earrings and eclectic jewelry are part of that too. Somehow I just feel more…myself…when I’m wearing them.
    Also…glitter. I have glitter in many colors – it never fails to make me smile, and often makes other people smile when they see it!


    Yes Elspeth I love that! Hair accessories and jewelry are such an easy way to activate a playful, whimsical, romantic, all sorts of grids! And glitter! Amen! I love seeing that you feel more yourself when you wear certain things…that’s an excellent thing to pay attention to and cultivate! You’re the only one who can bring that particular spark of you-ness to the world!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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