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    I share a lot of mine in the video. What are some of yours? For when you’re really low? For when you’re bored? For when you’re hopeful?


    just riffing on some…
    untangling my hair
    refreshing a bouquet of flowers
    watering my indoor plants
    watching bloopers or celebrity interviews
    swinging on the swings at the playground
    walking to the cemetery
    roller skating
    patching something that needs patching


    Another one! I can’t believe I forgot it, but a play elevator I love is writing good morning poems that greet different aspects of life. Here’s a quick one:

    good morning couch and hello coffee
    hello squiggly list and hello urge to catch up
    I love you light illuminating the stripes
    on his sweater
    and I love you sweater
    and I love you him
    good morning hand touching lips I know
    good morning curtain resting in wild elegance
    hello to this wide open soup of time
    hello, I am yours, you are mine

    Elspeth Greene

    Hannah, I love this idea of a good morning poem! So beautiful. I also love the poem.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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