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    A momentum I’ve been growing for a while is feeling “tech savvy”. I remember early in 2020 realizing I wanted to produce a podcast and that I needed to start a new momentum around being “Tech”. Haha, it’s been a funny journey in some ways, where I watched tech-genius inspiring movies. In other way, I’ve started to really profoundly value an aspect that is central to how I want to share my work and my voice with the world. I’ve invested in tools that feel good. I’ve continually showed up and done energy work when I get blocked. I keep moving forward in this way that a year ago I was so intimidated about.

    It’s funny though, because I had the momentum of being tech when I was little. I learned to type at a young age and grew up with computer programs being so fun. So, even though a year ago I felt not-techy, by activating this momentum, I’m in range of remembering all these reasons and examples of ways I’ve been tech all along!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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