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    Here’s a little thread where we can practice and play in our Space Soup vibes. In case you need reminding, Space Soup is a game where you give yourself over to imagining you’re in another life-stream, you can be any person / species, in any of the multi-verses. Just dive in and write what you imagine!

    Space Soup Log #6789

    Masha the Mycologist here, reporting to the International Rejuvenation Network on my work with fungal reformation of polycarbons. Okay, okay, this is just my own journal and I’m practicing my English for when I do write up these amazing results for the IRN. I need more idioms to describe these mushrooms turning plastic into fuel. It’s like a, turkey on the run? Is that how that translates? It’s like a, young woman who has had her first sip of cider? Yes, yes it is. My research is showing that if we introduce a particular composite of various spores into a landfill, the plastic begins to disintegrate into a puddle that can be siphoned off and used as fuel. It seems like a discovery that…wipes one’s face into the mud? Is that how you say? It changes everything. I might be losing my balance from all the excitement, but, it steadies me knowing that the Japanese research team and the Germans and the Canadians are all having similar results. It got me and Paulo so excited to see the puddle of pink fuel slime forming at the bottom of our landfill tray that we both took our clothes off and clucked like chickens till the stars took a bow. Well, I think I have found some good idioms for sharing the extent of this army’s laundry pile of grace. We have much to do to present this information, many more long hours…at least now I know how much Paulo likes to cluck like a chicken. That will be fun.

    Word from the IRN is that our various teams can help to implement sites around the world for rejuvenating the polycarbons. Pink slime fuel for the world! Some day, we will create little sprinkle-packs of spores so that anyone can rejuvenate any plastic pile they like. Paulo thinks flowers growing in the midst will speed it all up, and we’ve started testing a few varieties…sunflowers seem to do the best. I am so pleased, I think I’ll go cluck like a chicken some more!

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