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    Hi friends, let’s pool together and do a group making it rain (or like Natalie suggested, fertilizing the flowers!) for what several folks talked about in today’s Zoom session around feeling home.

    We can all add into the rain cloud / fertilizer, the field of flowers, and the raindrops/sun rays.

    I’ll start:
    I’m a little bored. A little impatient. Sometimes I even dip into a worry, a cramp around it, a clutching like oh no, what if kind of energy. Sometimes I’m in hope, sometimes I’ll glimpse knowing. I’ve been spending more time in knowing. I really like that place.

    What I’m growing:
    That knowing place. Knowing it’s done. Knowing it’s perfect now and just getting better. Really knowing. Relaxing. Exhale. It’s taken care of. It’s not even for me to do. It’s perfectly done and whooshing into place. Can’t I see all the evidence of it taking place?

    The evidence:
    I fucking love my office space. I love that James is out there playing trombone and I’m all done recording, just typing, and in my typing, my exploring, I’m stepping into my role of being a teacher, a baton-passer, a seed sharer. And like a seed, I can’t get mad at myself for where I’m planted right now. And like a human, I can move when I’m ready. And like a human who knows about emotional design, I’ll know when I’m ready. It will all click into place.

    Me showing up for this exercise, right now, it really is like exercise, like growing and strengthening a muscle that becomes a belief, that will shape my reality. I’m so excited to be in it, right now, strengthening that muscle of believing, knowing it’s done. Boom.

    It’s done like the bouquet of flowers are done and the wall of jasmine vines twirling into the evening overcast light with dizzy mosquitos dancing in the warm evening air. It’s done like not needing to rush buying plane tickets because I’m not ready in this moment to get on a plane. And I will be ready in perfect time for the flight.

    It’s done like I know the next step. The step I’m currently taking. This showing up in this exercise, strengthening my muscle and also encouraging others to strengthen their brain-muscles of focus, that’s what I’m here for. And I’m so grateful for the space and the time that allows me to be aware that that’s so much what I want to do, is to write these thoughts down and encourage you.

    It’s done like there’s already a feedback loop of encouragement. There are already thank-you notes and there is already some money in the bank, a more-than-usual amount in the bank, and, it’ll just keep keeping on like that, because that’s how it is now and I’ll just keep appreciating it. I love the money that’s in the bank! I love the flowers in the jar of water! I love the sky and the mosquitoes and I think I’ll get back to video transcribing now <3

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