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    1. this quiet hushy hum of a house all still asleep except for me. I Am the happy mouse. the crumbs I’m eating are little stars of joy I find in the minuteau
    2. i like this new thing I’m doing when people feel uncomfortable around me, I just let them. It’s very relaxing. It hearkens awareness of a past self who used to feel small and needed others to approve. It’s very nice and calm this way.
    3. my boyfriend is really wonderful and perfect for me. That sense deepens delectably as we play harder into the curve
    4. him buying us a lovers beach getaway for christmas and how I wrote a kylego about it and it’s happening
    5. ooo! that fun moment of hearing a script you wrote in your head as you are living the dream unfolding!
    6. being completely unworried about finances for the first time in my life. jesus. can i get an amen? i have slipped the noose of poverty consciousness. Thank you past self. you never gave up
    7. just noticing that you posted in my thing up there and feeling the whizzy whoosh glee of beign in this with you Hannah lee! i wanted to tag you in that… I’m gonna create a topic tag on your ass.
    8. how i enjoy the gladcast more than ever, more each time
    9. coming home last night after such an aligned dreamy day with my boys and the house was all clean and frankie had really taken care of herself, and made banana breads and i got to give her rubs and hold her and kiss her and it was so dreamy.
    10. being FINALLY and firmly anchored in a dedication to my own glee above all other things. my fucking halleljuah. i am the lottery

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