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    1. starting this fucker
    2. shit, Dre Beats in these ears, wut
    3. listening to all the filthy crunk my butt wants
    4. playing with everything, like, a crazy cloud of glee
    5. staying focused on EXACTLY where the ferk my glee is callin gme!!
    6. papa’s sweet connection with me today and him helping me with th enew car
    7. solitude with alignment, mmmm
    8. giving tuck a bath, giving my heart a bath at the same time
    9. channeling on some thing sand feeling like I’m poking holes in a stinky tent to sky sky sky
    10. doing my first 10 in a dang long time and FEELING GUD


    hopping on the Dec. 9th thread because I CAN
    1. I love feeling myself scooching out the door of something I’m excited to be done with, like realizing after waiting for someone else to give me permission to get up and leave, that I get to decided when I get up, look at me, here I go!
    2. I love being like, okay I’m starting this project, and realizing, I’ve been working on it steadily for months and I’m actually wrapping it up in such a delicious way.
    3. I love how wordy I feel
    4. And fun! There’s a training for my caregiving meeting that I’m waiting for a link for? But it’s so fun that it’s not here yet
    5. oh it’s here now the screen is loading this is such a fun adventure
    6. I love feeling the swing-fling lift of doing this list
    7. muahaha I love that I can do this while I’m in a zoom meeting! I love my mischievous little typing face
    8. I love that the glow of play and friendship and collaboration is woven into my every moment
    9. oh my gosh I’m still glowing from my glow-up phone date with hadasah yesterday
    10. I love the way my face glows with the light through the window. Gosh, I love being me.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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