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Elspeth Greene

Nich and Hanna, thank you for sharing all of that! I’ve also had a rather tough week with many complex feelings and a few days with heavy crying and release. I noticed it was much easier to feel those hard feelings knowing that my momentum is going uppppp in the long-term, and so that helped it feel more ok to feel that out and through, trusting myself to learn and grow from the experience instead of staying stuck there.
Sooo…trusting myself! That’s a big one. Trusting that I will catch myself when I fall. Trusting my inner guidance.
Falling in love with myself.
Emotional autonomy and self-reliance.
A reciprocal finding of home, community and job that serve my needs and bring me joy.
Making the most of the situation I have presently that I would eventually like to see change (living alone, lots of free time and space to do the work and make more space in my life for what I want)
Snowballing momentum of loving my life.