Imagine you’re heading out on a Grand Trip, and you’re SO EXCITED, but also, buried in that excitement are concerns, worries and fears. If you do nothing about those concerns, the trip that will greet you will match that mix, exactly. As above so below.

Now imagine those concerns are simply loose straps or a bike that’s not quite on right, or something as simple as the fact that you left the snack basket in the kitchen. A tiny bit of calm, vibrationally aware attention can allow us to shift our activation away from those concerns by tending them.

I use the portal of NYE to pull back from my life to check my straps. If I’ve got momentums going on that are going to lead to crappy outcomes, I take this time to energetically realign them. I do a deep dive on my beliefs too, because our minds are often, um, crusty with the barnacling that occurs when we form, then believe, then begin to be stuck behind untrue beliefs

An untrue belief is one that that runs contrary to how reality actually works and also to who you really are

When we are trying to live and operate from the headquarters of an untrue belief, life can get CONFUSING, fast. Because the belief is dictating our vibration, what’s coming to us feels like crap, which further lowers the vibe. We can’t hear or don’t seem to know what’s good for us, or what will makes us happy, or when we can hear, we have a difficult time trusting that what we hear can and will actually lead to Good Stuff. Here we can settle into habitual responses to try to salvage ourselves, somehow, to protect ourselves from the pain of being distant from an easy luscious relationship with clear streaming consciousness we become chronically snarky, anxious or disatisfied. I now know that when I’m feeling disatisfied about everything that it’s a red flag: my connection to Source is blocked in this area and I need to check my straps.

That disatisfaction is a habit. It’s a barnacle on the clear streaming of my unfettered consciousness.

I’m outgrowing my comfortability with it as a habit, as a place to set up headquarters. Checking the straps helps me see where I’m sloppy, where I’m dishonest, or rushing thru something. I like setting off on my adventure feeling truly ready. Ready to show up for the rendezvous with bliss and adventure, ready to play more authentically with life in 2021 than ever before. Ready to encounter and revel in portions of my Essential or Glacial self.

The interesting, beautiful thing is that when your aim is to be your full self, your glacial self, you are, in effect, settling your grappling hook of where you’re heading pretty high and clear. Living an essential life means you REGULARLY chat with your Source self, via meditation or clear deep listening. It means you are familiar with what a tug or guidance from the deeps feels like and you take trusty, playful, all in action on those. It means you understand the vibrational nature of reality and tend your vibration like you do your gardens, homes, relationships or skincare! When you get those bits down then

you’ll discover that by simply walking and playing in your own joyways you will naturally rendezvous with the next bit of your Essential Life unfurling through the portal of you

For example, I am coming into the homestretch of the NYE retreat and strangely, I find myself frequently playing yahtzee. Alone. Take that in for a moment cuz we have so much judgement about solitude, as if it were “cooler” to be with someone else, as if coolness is a goal. Bleh. Anyway back to solo yahtzee. I played for the first time a few days and I felt this tug to keep going even when I had no one to play with. I spent an hour judging myself for being a weirdo and then I just sat down and started rolling.

was not, for example, playing with these happy fools #kindawishIwastho

In this slow quiet space with no one else around

I could feel something I didn’t have access to when I’m constantly in the company of others, the palpable sensation of traction in my personal magic

As I held the dice I began to play around with that traction, and with when I could feel if I was “in the pocket” or not. I knew what I was going to roll. I noticed that when I didn’t know what I needed to roll I rolled mushy unhelpful rolls. When I was crystal clear about what I needed to roll I would roll it.

Suddenly I realized that my own joy vibe was leading me to some very useful barometer for my vibrational activation.

I suddenly had a tangible, and very easy way to play with, whether or not I was truly energetically anchored to what I wanted, or just ineffectively hoping I was, but secretly knowing I was not. How useful! And exciting!

I could never ever have guessed that. About freaking Yahtzee. But I had set my intentions to be my Essential Self in all areas of my life which VERY MUCH REQUIRES I have a tight, high-traction grasp on how I’m flowing energy.

I love tracking how people’s Giant Excitements, the desires they are hot for, are coded to launch these people into a higher level of Becoming, and of Being their essential selves. I call these bridges joyways, these innocuous seeming inspirations that are part of the Universe bringing you to your next highest level, and hopping over all your stuck beliefs, or emotional habit quagmires.

It’s been no small thrill to put together an advanced level course on learning the dynamics of your Essential Nature and how to truly and functionally rely on and walk your joyways back home to a simple unfettered and easily happy you, an essential you.

Like this…

Whenever I start feeling off track, I remind myself that whatever is Essential to me is emerging in this area, and whatever isn’t true to me is flowing away and I can just relax and enjoy the homecoming. Having strongly and regularly anchored to my Essentiallity makes this easy and fun. The more I revel in that Essential merged feeling, the more life responds to me in wonderful feeling ways! Dreamy love of a lifetime, financial abundance beyond my wildest dreams, wellness and thriving I once felt hopeless about and the list goes on. And all those manifestations come in ways that are fun and frisky and adventurous just like my Essential self!

If you want to taste your own Essentiality in the new year, check out our lastest Gladcast episode.

To your Essential Thriving!!!!

Natalie & Hannah

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