I find myself holding out my arms, finding balance again and again, as summer speeds up, as dreams come true, as dreams don’t come true, I find that above all, I must keep my gladness, my deep and active gratitude at the center of my focus.

Gladness returns my balance because it energizes me, it infuses me with a sense of wonderment at the grand generosity of Life and my dance with it. 

It also helps me to keep perspective. Life is an endless wave.  And when my heart is full of true, steady, deeply focused gratitude, the ride on the wave is easy, calmer, and I have my head above the water so the sun can reach me and the gulls can soar with me.  

When you take a breath, beautiful friend, what is your heart full of right now?  What braveness can you find in daring to embrace the gladness that you actually are?


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