I spent most of last night playing laser tag. There were a lot of adults who wanted to talk with me … but, when I checked in with my deepest self, I wanted to shoot kids with a laser…. Lord, I just WANTED TO PLAY.

And IT WAS …. AWE SOME. And by that I mean, full of awe. I chased and crawled and breathed heavy while hiding under cars. I laughed and squealed and forgot about time or life. I went deeper and deeper, gulping the cool night air, heart-gulping the laughter of the children…

feasting on my own full presence with now

When I drove home, my heart was soft and open. Deep, radiant ideas flowed. My body was buzzy with clear, well-played yes energy. I felt blissful, well-seated in my own life and actively excited about the next. In other words, I was in total alignment with my deeper self and my truest life.

I cannot tell you how many holiday seasons this was NOT THE CASE AT ALL NOT EVEN A FORKING SMIDGE. But I realize that when I pretend to do stuff I don’t really actually give a fig about I go off path. And when I go off path I am not me. And I, beautifully, have no skills at being someone else so I just have to be honest about what works for me and have the bravery to do it, and then still, to have the deeper bravery to show all the way up for that choice. Not lingering in fomo or regret, but setting sail with the clear choosing, like

yes! I chose! And now I leap off the good timbers of this choice! onward!!!

If this year has illuminated anything, it’s that dishonesty doesn’t lead to anything worth doing. And that bravery in honesty leads to beautiful expressions, expereinces, paths opening and liberation on every front. I am inviting us to use these holidays to really listen for what is hailing you, from the deep deep places and opening up your willingness to go there, as if you were on a rendezvous with the Great Love of Your Life, which, you are, because, it’s you! Fabulously, freshly standing there, calling you higher.


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