When you really …. REALLY realize you are vibrational, and, gulp, that EVERYTHING is vibration, you have some reckoning to do. I mean, your life, prior to this realization was built on various strategies that required A LOT of doing and likely a lot of confusion about why things didn’t go your way and maybe even some shy bafflement about why, sometime things did go your way. Fast forward to HOWEVER you got the vibrational download, and you know who and what you are, and suddenly how you have been going about the doing of life isn’t… well, it isn’t vibrational at all.

So, it’s no wonder that it’s often the lover portion of your life that is often one of the last to get the vibrational awareness treatment that sets everything free. It’s often the most convoluted one because it involves a whole other (or others) person(s) and can feel complicated and out of your power because of this.

But in a vibrational universe, literally brought into being by the manifestation of our desires, we are the creators. And we get to, and we have to, create the relationship we prefer to be in.

All creation begins with a desire. The desire sails out and becomes and the Universal Magic Squad, or Field of Infinite Allness brings it into being, and then it’s our work to become the energy of the desire.

Which means, we’ve got to stop being the energy of not our desire. And stop doing anything that keeps us from vibrating anything, stop the thot trains that lead there, stop engaging in relationships that take you there, stop the personal habits that take you there. This allows the momentums to dwindle. You’ll find yourself coming to a neutral feeling place where you don’t feel badly about your love life or possibilities therein.

That neutral place is where you start to play up your vibration, to get yourself activated as a person in love. Below is a little mind movie I made to manifest that dreamboat up above, who is literally beyond my wildest dreams as a partner, lover and best friend.


As you listen to the recent gladcast below, where we anchor energetically to the vibrational experience of being in love, pretend you are already deeply vividly in love, and then as you hear the rampage you will let it carry you home to love.


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