Bernie Dekoven was my mentor, my friend and my comrade.

The first time I read  Bernie’s work I ran around like a nutter, like crazy, so excited and lit up I literally didn’t know what to do with myself. 

 I was so excited to meet someone who did what i did that I was like, oh my cows.  Oh. My. stars. Oh my cow

It was one of those quintessential moments, where the hero, up
to this moment has thought they were all alone, bein’ a hero, on a
mountain, and then suddenly they encounter the master, who’s up ahead,
changing the world.  My  mind was blown.  Here was someone who fully
understood the power of play, the way I did.  Who was living and
breathing it. That encounter changed everything. I started giving myself
full permissions to go as deep into fun, and to start to write Play
Theory and to really own my life as a Conscious Play Ninja.  I stopped
casually offering play to the world and started offering The Playshops,
Retreats and Play Fuel ups that have become the corner stone of the Play
Nexus (now Joy Without Borders)

I remember one very sad day, while I was miscarrying and about as
crying/lost/hurting as I can remember ever being, I held on by flipping
through his website, reading his thoughtful, loving, posts about people
playing in the world in ways that were making the world a funner world
to be in.  And I believe it was the perfect boat for me that day, to
immerse myself in the heart of the playful world I love so.  And
Bernie’s work is that work for so many people.  

Bernie passed on a few years ago, but his work and his vision lives on in the Joy Without Borders Project.

Bernie’s book is available as a free download and it’s a soft, meandering, awakening woofest for your playful soul to come out and frolick with this now. Get it here.


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