In my excitement to teach this concept, I was imagining, and then of course discovered, The Perfect Tree Stump.

It was the remnants of a giant be-felled Redwood Tree, waist-height from ground level, and I could jump onto the rim of the stump and see a giant hole in the middle, big enough for me to get down and lie in. 


See, my desire was to embody a physical metaphor of the Emotional Guidance Scale. I wanted to feel it, walk myself up it step by step in a physical and emotional way, to help me be able to talk about it and explain what this concept means.

I wanted to lay down in the hole in the middle of the tree, to start at the bottom of the Emotional Guidance Scale. Being stuck, paralyzed, trapped. The lowest feeling on the scale is depression, feeling like a victim, unempowered and afraid. I laid there, letting those feelings wash over me. Hopeless. Wanting to die. 

And then I leaned up. Up and into disgust. Ew, get off of me, ground! Gross!

Continually, leaning up the emotional guidance scale, I found anger. ERGH! I HATE IT HERE! I was crouching, pushing against the walls of the stump, trying to push it out of my way.

Leaning up more, I was standing, frustrated, impatient. I’m so close to something, I feel some release or brightness but it’s just, too, far….

Up and into boredom. Whatever. This sucks. There’s nothing to do. I was leaning on the rim of the stump, head in my hand.

Leaning up and into contentment. My head lifts off my hand. I look around me and really see where I am. Hmm..this is actually pleasant.

Contentment into hopefulness. Maybe I could, maybe I could just, get a little higher? Maybe I could have some…fun? I start trying to find my footing to get up and out of the stump.

I start to feel excited! YES! Let me at it! It doesn’t even matter if my foot found footing, I’m getting outta here!

The excitement becomes knowing, becomes inspired action. My foot finds purchase. I’m lifted up and out. I’m,

Celebrating! I’m joyous! I’m skipping around and beaming love and laughter and overflowing joy.

There is lots of wisdom that comes from being aware of The Emotional Guidance System.

The most important is that we are truly most effective, resourced, available to delight, inspiration, dreams coming true, things working out, when we are in that energy of dancing around on top of the tree stump, the world is your oyster! In this state of being, our thoughts are agreeing with our broader, nonphysical perspective (god, source, the universe, love, etc.)

And when we’re feeling the feels inside the tree trunk, what that means is that whatever we are thinking does NOT agree with our broader selves, what we also call our merged perspective or our glacial selves. 

So, real-life, hands-in-the-clay-wise, what this means is that I don’t want to take any action, really, from the feelings I feel when I’m “in the tree stump”. If I’m afraid, if I’m in anger, I know I’m not seeing the whole forest around me, seeing the bigger picture, in accord with my glacial self. So, when I’m in that place, I know the thing I most need, is a play elevator. Something to lift me up the Emotional Guidance Scale. 

Another gift of knowing the Emotional Guidance Scale, is we can cheer on ourselves and others when we are in anger and frustration. Way to go, you worked your way out of disempowerment and depression, and have way more life force flowing through you now! Keep on going, lean up and into what you’re impatient for, and see if that can help you see what you’re excited about. We Joy Tenders love to do a good Focus Wheel to help us build momentum around our preferred feelings, too.


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