Bring your awareness to right now and let yourself be stunned with the challenge of how you might kiss this moment. Let this challenge sink into the places in you that try to fix or explain things; you just simply want to kiss your now and give yourself permission to “kiss like a weirdo”

– Natalie Marie Kinsey

As I get better at learning financial investing I find myself needing to remember how easy it is to forget to invest in my joy with equal ardor. As I write this, I pause to look out my window at the snowy gusts shaking the trees creating a powder storm, all whirls, all wind. And here I am, cozy, well-invested in my joy because I’m feeling it all. The snow whirls are me, I feel the freedom of them, the twinkly, lifted hallelujah yesness of them. Watching the snow triggers a download of good feeling memories of childhood snowy shenanigans. I find myself excited for people to wake up and want to go outside and play in the first snow of the year here in North Carolina.

The fact that I have easy access to a happy feeling perspective on something, that I could easily feel the opposite about is, a result of me investing in my joy, regularly. This investment makes me chronically available to the high notes, and puts me energetically in range of the best that life can give to me from where I stand now vibrationally.

Here are my top tips for investing in your joy:

put up a post it that reminds you what you’re doing – try: “joy matters” or “if I’m not joyful enough, I’m not yet clear enough” or “I hear Source best at the frequency of joy, so joy is my anthem.”

Try a Clear Thinking Cleanse of a day by writing “OTBT” only on your arm and then slowing down enough to focus exclusively on what feels resonant, yes, true, clear, beautiful, and emotionally yummy to you. Or what you want more of. Tell those in your circle you are doing an on the beam thot cleanse and to help. Tell them you are thirsty for higher perspective and excited to uptune your vibe so that a joyful perspective becomes second nature and you get regular access to the magic that happens with steady alignment.

Do something that feels playful to you, something a little light, with anyone who will join you. Don’t be picky. Your best playmates are the ones who are there right now.

We felt grumpy so we stopped to play a bit o tag and come back to ourselves

There are various levels of investing! Just like in the financial investing game, when I have more time and space, I will learn something new, dig in a bit more and expand myself. When I am busy, I will dip in, tend an investment, make sure all is well and rolling and go back to my day. So, one way to invest in your joy is to do some deeper tweaks to your lifestyle.

Make uplifting playlists for yourself or ask your friends to share theirs.

Load up with uplifting podcasts or youtubes that are easy to get to when you need a boost.

Make a weekly energy work date with yourself (mine is on Sunday mornings where I “go to church”) and do a vibrational clean and anchor to make sure you’re walking into your next week, aligned with Source and anchored to your joyful purpose.

Here’s us getting deep and weird on joy investments. Enjoy!


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