I remember wandering around a festival a few years ago IN A DAG NAB SNIT. Nothing was working out, I could find no one and, it appeared, a hurricane was weirdly baring down on this mountain town. WTF?

I was listening to an abe-tube to cheer myself up, but sometimes when I’m out in public, under public eye, it can be harder for me to reclaim my joyful alignment because I am tangled up in other peoples’ perspectives to the detriment of being involved in my own.

Somehow the teaching got through enough for me to be willing to try it. Mostly I tried it because I couldn’t think of anything else to do to cheer myself up. So, I tried to think only On The Beam Thots.

When you’re on the beam, you are basically your glacial self, you are with Source energy, feeling great, feeling light and frisky and you have access to Source’s perspective. An on the beam thot is a thot Source, or God thinks, and one that feels good when you think it because it lines you up with your higher self. An off the beam thot feels small, scared, off, blamey, disonant and untrustworthy.

As I RIGOROUSLY whacked my thots into place (this was difficult and took real effort because law of attraction was responding to where I had been and was sending me of that poopy disatisfied vibe train I had gotten going, so I had to throw my weight into it. I made it a kind of mountain I was trying to climb and pretty soon, I simply started to feel better, in my body, in my heart. I started to notice things that were pleasing, smiles, costumes, people being nice to each other. And as I saw them I gave those nice feeling things more and more of my attention, I extended myself into them, feasted on them, became them as much as I could.

And then magic started happening, the obvious, out loud kind of magic that happens when you steady out in an aligned energy place for a bit, and start to match more the energy of what you want than of what you do not want. A friend I hadn’t seen in 10 years marched right up to me, gave me a hug and asked me if I wanted his super fancy cabin because he needed to leave and it was rented for the week. Boom, camping in hurricane challenge solved. I drifted along, savoring that magic rendezvous, and especially savoring it within the context of me tweaking my energy and allowing myself to rise up and stay on the beam in my thinking. Then I felt a strong urge to turn a certain way and walk a path I never had and within one minute I was facing the very people I’d been so grumpily trying to find. They just appeared, like, Harry Potter apparated into existence kind of shit. And then I fed that manifestation into my good focus wheel and the next 3 days were so full of magic, opportunity, rendezvous and pure joy, it sold me on this technique, particularly when you are in a lightly cruddy place and wish to make the leap.

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