I am saying pandemic, but what I mean is challenge, big feeling challenge, something you don’t quite know how to go around or go over, those impossible mountain feeling things, we all have our own names for them, sometimes it’s a death, a sickness, a sudden financial loss, a pandemic.  Something so strong and big and bad feeling that it frightens us enough to forget the vibrational nature of the universe.

I like to remember that the gifts will be the size of the challenge.

So, while there is no value to trying to pretend we are not being challenged, there is enormous value to identifying what the real challenge is, so you can bounce, dream, imagine it new and move on your merry way.

It’s VERY anxiety producing to be a deliberate creator, who believes that they create their reality with their thoughts and expectations, and then, suddenly, to forget that and just to survive and spend your days freaking out, not considering the vibrational nature of anything.  

It can feel like you got airdropped onto an alien planet, hit your head on your way down, forgot your mission and are trying to remember.  All the while being distracted by everyone’s Iron Giant sized freak out.

Joy without borders is the person who gently gives you soup, invites you to the hearth of their warm cozy cabin and quietly invites you into a conversation about your vibrational origins, Source energy and who you really are.  

Let’s let this blog be the hearth. Now, here’s some soup:

The challenging pieces are the best ones. You are being deepened, widened, More-d.  Even if it feels difficult or crazy that is definitely FOR SURE going on. Your capacity for joy, delight, love ande ease is being expanded in this challenging time. And the sooner you bring your imagining and knowingness to the energy of those gifts and how you feel as you receive them, the sooner you’ll be able to allow them into your lifestream.

So is everyone else’s.  Take that in and take heart. 

Gifts of the pandemic #3

When you see what can feel like discord, chaos, and hard hard stuff, remember that all the beauty, civilization, leaps in consciousness, betterness in how we treat each other and earth was born from contrast, literally emerges, as all creation does, from that awareness that we want different.

This is the time to recover our core, essential remembrances:

we chose this time-space reality. At some level, we wanted to be part of this, we wanted to dance in this giantness. Can you reconnect with that big excited, let’s do this! energy?

We are creating our future with our attention, so regardless how compelling, how well-advertised or how well-feared, we must remember that we are the creators of what comes next, and take the time, the imagination energy and the love to dream the challenge forward.

What do you feel like when this challenge is resolved and you are renewed, happy, thriving and deliciously expanded by it? What does it feel like to be in a renewed world? Can you bring your energy to it?

Early on in this time of spaciousness, we made this podcast about the gifts. It is even more helpful now. Stay awake, friends, and stay near the hearth of your deepest joys.

A lighter look at the opportunities this challenge is offering humanity

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